[2] Getting to know the blogger

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Hellow thar!

Who am I? That’s a secret.

However, I will TELL you my REAL name and its MEANING!

I am Marco Salman Gamal, a 20 something years old gentleman from Indonesia. Well, that’s it. You might find something more about me as time goes by, but for now: The meaning of my name. To make the long story short, a.k.a. tl;dr (too long; don’t read), I’m gonna make it less blocks of words and more of the content :]

MARCO – the average name in Italy perhaps. My father named me based upon “Marco Van Basten” a very famous soccer player and coach. Why? because he’s successful, and that’s what my parents hope I will become. AMIN.

Marco Van Basten holding one of many trophies he earned

Marco Van Basten holding one of many trophies he earned

SALMAN – this one is an arabic name, based on my religion’s prophet’s friend. Muhammad SAW. had a friend, he’s called “Salman Al-Farisi” a rich person from Persia who travels the whole way to the Emirates to seek for the right religion for him. He always share his prosperity properly and was even ADMIRED by the prophet himself! WOW. Who wouldn’t want that!?

Is this the real image of Salman Al-Farisi? dunno, but hes close enough :p

Is this the real image of Salman Al-Farisi? dunno, but he's close enough :p

GAMAL – Long story short, it’s my father’s name. However, he got his name by a egyptian president called Mr. Gamal Abdul Nasser. He is a respectable man that took effort to find peace between countries. He’s da man!

Egyptian former president: Gamal Abdul Nasser

Egyptian former president: Gamal Abdul Nasser

There. 3 great-men name combined. Hopefully, I can become like them, and even exceed theircontributions to the world. Both in this world, and the afterlife world. AMEN. 🙂

=========== Other Meanings ===========

M = Masculine
A = Awesome
R = Romantic
C = Cool

S = Sangat
A = Amat
L = Lentur
M = Mempunyai
A = Aneka
N = Nikmat (apa coba?)

G = Great
A = Aggressive
M = Macho
A = Ade Rai
L = Lewat!!!


[1] Initiation..

Posted in Announcements on October 13, 2009 by Marco

So.. the blog has been created long time ago, but I was so busy to posts anything here.. 🙂

Therefore.. today marks the “real” beginning of…. ~ DOING SOMETHING FUN!~

This blog will tell a story about myself.. my experiences about stuffs, my opinion about things, and my assignment matters, ALL FUN THINGS 😀

disclaimer: all I write here may or may not be true.. they’re only according to my own opinion, I also take complaints and critics whether they’re negative or positive, but I will take care of things my way. Also, I will write in english mainly. Why? just because… I’ll do it with Indonesian occasionally. Also, please forgive me if I offend anyone or any institutions, wether I seemed to do it on purpose or not, please remind that all in here are my own opinion and critics. Thanks all!