[7] TV Series.. Who love them?? I know I do

Yes! Today I’m gonna talk about my favourite TV series. These are recommended highly by me. Watch them and you will have several hours of enjoyment and fun, also educational and are a great way to waste your time.


Who don’t know this series? either they have to get internet connection, cable TV, or do less studying and have more fun. Heroes, a series about poeple with superpowers, some use it for good, some for evil. Good VS Evil? NOPE, not just about that. There is also the third party called “The organization”, consisted of one of us, one of them (a team of two: one normal human, one superpower) that takes care about the “wild” superpower guys. The story rotate about how good are not always good, and evil can be good sometimes. YES, it’s very complicated but that’s  what make it interesting. Awesome story, awesome theory, just.plain.awesome!

Yes, we are awesome. Watch us or youll regret it ur entire life!

"Yes, we are awesome. Watch us or you'll regret it ur entire life!"


We rocks dudeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We rocks dudeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wanna talk about awesome funny movie? then this one is your choice. It’s a drama comedy about how relationships are like.. 5 friends, 4 journeys, 3 different relationships, 2 things to learn per episode, 1 title. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. It tells us a story about how Ted Mosby (the middle guy) is telling his kids about how he met their mom. A funny, sometimes thrilling and tear-dropping, romance movie. Single guys can learn a lot about this, you couples can also be educated by it.

3 different relationships is showed in here:

  1. The average relationship: you get girl/boyfriend, you love him/her, you break up, you go back to step #1. This is what Ted and Robin (the girl in green) experience. Most of you guys probably experience this, that’s why you can learn and enjoy lots from this movie
  2. The one shot wonder relationship: ever chose the right one with only one chance? no breakups, straight to marriage? then this is the relationship you’re in, just like Marshall and Lilly (2 guys on the right). This tells a story about how couple deals with stuff, ups and downs, goods and bads.
  3. The one-night-stand relationship: Yes. The kind of relationship that most of the guys dreamed of. You chill, you thrill, you have sex, you’re out. This one, you must learn from the great “Barney” the “bro” aka the “wingman” aka “SUIT UP!” (the guy on the left).

WATCH IT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (funnier than friends, everybody loves raymond, and even southpark! imho)


Dunder Mifflin Paper Company at your service

"Dunder Mifflin Paper Company at your service"

YES. Another comedy, I know u like it. This tells a story about an office, its manager (starred by Steve Carell from 40 years old virgin), and the staffs inside. It’s DAMN FUNNY, it requires better hearing and understanding of american jokes though rather than HIMYM, but same level of comedy nonetheless. A managers that treat his staffs like friends and love to joke around (which actually has the biggest sales among the other brances!). A somewhat competitive sales division, 1 LOVE his job, 1 LOVE the receptionist, and the others.. LOVE to have breaks and getting lazy. A cute fiinance division, each has their own personal characteristics that others like to make fun of. An annoying HR division.. this division seems to be the somewhat normal ones. AND MANY MORE!

Love happens in The Office

Love happens in The Office

The office always explain to us the right thing, but with the wrong way.. Take one episde from season 1 for example, when the staffs there learn about how racism is BAD and hurting. Michael Scott, the manager (Steve Carell) gave each of us a paper and placed it on our forehead so we couldn’t see, the paper had a race written on it. We have to treat the person as the race in the paper.. so in JEWS, they say “hey, can u give me a loan?” LOL! and a conversation between two guys:

“(ASIAN on his forehead) hey, tell me who I am”

“ok… you have weak eyes for driving..”



OK, the movie is 90000x more funnier than how I told you above, yeah my storytelling sucks… so watch it guys!!!


Heroes: 9/10

HIMYM: 9.5/10

The Office: 9/10


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