[6] Most Innovative Company

hmmmmmmmm another assignment….
This time, it’s about the most creative and innovative companies.. who should I pick? any suggestions?

Well.. from what I heard and found, I stumble upon several companies that I listed as most innovative:

  1. Apple. Blablabla yeah everybody knows this.. macbook, ipod, iphone, snowleopard, etc
  2. Sony. Walkman lol, label, consoles, STUFFS starting form TV to a Karaoke player
  3. RCTI. Yepppp! the master, dasyat, BAIM (tarzan boy, baim anak sholeh).. good stuff
  4. 4chan. not really a company, but inside it lie the most creative and innovative people.
  5. 3M. Yeah, that “think of ideas” hour per day really needs to be respected.
  6. Microsoft. Complicated stuff… computers, databases, hardwares, even XBOX
  7. Marco’s (my own) company. Not released yet, but in the near future you will see and be amazed!!

What about yours? 🙂


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