[4] Social Networking Sites…

Hmmmmm.. since I have nothing to do, might as well promote my social networking sites (SNS) here. Hopefully someone will add me through this 😛

Facebook: Currently my main SNS. The great SNS created by bunch of boys from harvard. Damn, I wanna go there… Great innovations such as apps, tags, and many more. Add me! http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=marco+gamal&o=2048&init=ffs#/marco.gamal

Friendster: Not as good as Facebook, but a nice pioneer 🙂 well, since I’m off from friendster, you can just look me up by searching “blahblehngomel@yahoo.com”

Twitter: Actually, have made this long time ago, but forgot the password.. meh I’ll tell you guys later on

Myspace: Friendster for American? hmmm not interested. Besides, too much drama.

Hi5: Myspace for European.. or at least latin-ian… hmmm I joined but quickly quit from it, not my taste :p (too much SPAM for GOD’s SAKE!)


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