[3] Most Innovative Stuff

Yea.. what’s the most innovative products you have encountered? Fire? nah. lol martin.. water? WTF, that’s created by GOD, dude. And yes, GOD is the most creative. but what is the most innovative in terms of us, that is humanely possible?

My answer is……… A TIME MACHINE

Time machine, as sold in Ebay (its real! - google Time machine ebay if you dont believe me)
Time machine, as sold in Ebay (it’s real! – google “Time machine ebay” if you don’t believe me)

YES. TIME MACHINE. A machine that let us travels through time and space continuum. Yes, it  exceed teleportation device since that’s just one of what this babe is capable of.

Do you know that some people from today’s society is actually from the future? Hah. You’ll never know. Also, how do people achieve to innovate fire? how do people learn the strategy of cultivation? some people says it’s because of habits or an incident. Well.. I beg to differ, sir.

Yes, that is the most innovative thing…. for this century. But if we wanna talk about the time before this, then.. I will say… the INTERNET.

Why? Simple. Creating Internet (interconnected-networking) is like creating a world. therefore, the person that created it is like a GOD, and I, a creator of this blog, is like a building owner, and the blog itself is the location I own. Look at the Internet, many MANY things happen: Social networking going easy, seeing videos whenever and whatever video we want, downloading everything such as images and musics, chatting and webcamming with people we love, talking to strangers to fill our loneliness, seeking travel plans, commercials for businesses, and many many more. Don’t we all love it? ❤

The world is like one little home because of the Internet. Interacting and spreading of information and media is very easy now 🙂 Thanks ARPANET and especially Mr. Leonard Kleinrock!!

Leonard: Youre welcome Marco!

Leonard: "You're welcome Marco!"

PS. if you haven’t realized or known it, Leonard and his teams inside (and maybe some outside) the ARPANET are the creator of the internet and the world wide web (WWW)


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