[1] Initiation..

So.. the blog has been created long time ago, but I was so busy to posts anything here.. 🙂

Therefore.. today marks the “real” beginning of…. ~ DOING SOMETHING FUN!~

This blog will tell a story about myself.. my experiences about stuffs, my opinion about things, and my assignment matters, ALL FUN THINGS 😀

disclaimer: all I write here may or may not be true.. they’re only according to my own opinion, I also take complaints and critics whether they’re negative or positive, but I will take care of things my way. Also, I will write in english mainly. Why? just because… I’ll do it with Indonesian occasionally. Also, please forgive me if I offend anyone or any institutions, wether I seemed to do it on purpose or not, please remind that all in here are my own opinion and critics. Thanks all!


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